Invisible page timer


Is it possible to use an invisible page timer?

In the instruction video there is a timer running at the bottom of the screen.

I don’t want to make respondents feel pushed.


Marius answered

    Hi Marius,

    What is the purpose of your timer?

    If you just want to have data on how long a user spent on a page you can add an Action >> Page Timer. This will store how long the user spent on each page.

    I have used this in the past on multiple pages and then added those values together to display to the user at the end of the survey.

    Let me know if this helps, if not, let me know the purpose and we can hopefully find a solution.


    Jacob H (Moderator) answered
      Marius 184 Rep.



      The reason was: the panel supplier demanded a redirect that was connected to page or survey time-out. The nature of the questionnaire was absolutely not to push respondents. So, a really high set and invisible timer (connected to total survey completion time) could have been a good compromise.

      Marius answered


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