[Solved] Why am I getting am invalid question ID?


I’ve found an article that answers it, but I cannot find where I am to go or where to find these merge codes and I have watch tutorials.

When I look at the results in Surey Gizmo or export a PDF out, the results are correct.

BUT when I have the email sent to a user, the results show missing merge code errors. 

If it helps, I’m looking at “Estimate Request Form 2015.”

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    Based on what you have mentioned, it sounds like you have a bad merge code (referencing a question that is not on your survey) inside the body of an email that is sent via a Send Email Action.

    The best way to address this is to refer to the email that you are getting, find the section of the email that says “invalid question id’ and then edit your email action (on your survey’s build page).

    When you edit your email, you will be able to find the merge code that is throwing that error and update it to an appropriate question id.

    This article touches on this issue:


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