[Solved] Invalid Facebook Post Action Link


Hi I have added the Facebook Post Social Media Action but when respondents click on it it takes them to a FB Page with the Surveygizmo logo and the Link not found even though when I edit the action I click on the only available link. Please assist in finding a solution to this.

Joel Joseph353326 asked

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    Are there any issues with the survey link in general – assuming you can access the survey link without issue from the Share page?

    If so, maybe try creating a new Social Media Action (removing the current option that you are having the issue with). Last, not sure if this is an option, but you may consider creating a new tracking link for the social media action on the Share tab.

    Hopefully this is helpful.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Looks like this post has been dormant for a while. Hopefully Dominic’s answer was helpful for you! I’m going to mark this as solved with his information, but if you still need help with this, feel free to contact support or make a new post.




      Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered

        Hi Joel,

        Are you still running into this issue?

        Kind Regards,


        Tyler - SurveyGizmo answered


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