[Solved] Internet Explorer blocking SurveyGizmo links?


Is there any known issue about MS Internet Explorer blocking SG links? One of my survey takers, who got the link to the survey in an email, can’t open the link but gets an error message about IE being unable to find the page. The respondent is using IE (I don’t know which version) on Windows 8.1. When I try to open the same link with Windows 8.1 and IE, the page is displayed quite normally. Since I’ve only had email contact with the respondent I don’t know exactly what the person is doing. But I wonder if there could be some setting in IE that would block SG links? The first page of the survey has some text/instructions, a radio button grid and a textbox.

Therese Leinonen251498 asked

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    Emma 978 Rep.

    Hey Therese- I don’t think it would be the IE browser that would block a link. It’s probably something to do with the network that the individual is on. I’d recommend having them try a different network or talk to their IT team. Hope that helps!

    Emma answered

      It is also possible that the link has been corrupted by the email program.  Out first step in troubleshooting this type of problem is to ask the respondent to copy and paste the link into their browser’s address bar.

      Jim Wetherill answered
        • Yes, that’s exactly what I asked the respondent to do. The respondent also emailed the error message back to me. The error message includes the right link, so it doesn’t seem that the problem would be a corrupted link.



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