Intermittent empty responses to REST API calls from November 19 (rate-limit reached?)


Hello all at SurveyGizmo,

We have been using your REST API for a few months now, and have been very happy with it.

Everything was sound and stable until November 19, when we started noticing intermittent empty responses to our calls, which have kept happening since.

This is a behaviour that we had observed before, which was due to us making too many calls and being rate-limited. This is why we wrapped all of our calls in a timer that guarantees a minimum delay between calls. Therefore, we should never go beyond 60 calls per second, which is the limit to our plan.

Did anything change on your side last week that would explain this behaviour?

It might be worth noting that we’ve been marked as “grandfathered”, because our plan (“Premier”) is now considered legacy. Could it be related? Should we switch to a currently supported plan? And if so, would there be noticeable consequences switching to “Professional”?

Thank you very much in advance, and happy thanksgiving from France.

— e.

Eric Redon asked

    Turns out, the problem might be on my end after all.

    Our production process was apparently competing against a development process attempting to hit the API at the same time, making the probability to hit the rate limit higher.

    So, I believe that my issue is resolved… But maybe I should take this opportunity to make a suggestion: a rate limiter monitor/alert would be really great, and a staging API would be totally awesome!

    Take care,

    — e.

    Eric Redon answered


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