[Solved] Inserting ‘other’ text responses into subsequent question options


When building a survey, can I set it up to take a text response (e.g. from an ‘other option’ box in a star rating grid) in one question, and have it inserted as an option in subsequent questions (e.g. added as an option in a subsequent slider list)?

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    In general something like this would be accomplished with option piping:


    Unfortunately this would not be an option when the source question is a star ranking grid – this question type is not compatible as a source question for this type of piping. If you are able to use one of the compatible source questions, piping should get you what you are looking for.

    Hope that helps!

    Lola Gill answered
      • Thanks Lola, I know I’d seen something about how to do it…but you’re right – the star grid won’t allow it…only I’m not sure I can find another question option for doing such a handy ‘before and after’ ranking/scaling…



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