[Solved] Inserting images that will be mobile friendly without using Custom Themes or Custom CSS


Hi there, 


I would like to be able to insert images into my survey, which will be mobile user friendly. Because I do have a number of different surveys and themes that are using both unique and standardized themes, I would like to avoid using the Custom CSS option of inserting: 

<span class="entity name tag">img</span> {
    <span class="support css-property">max-width</span>: <span class="constant numeric">100</span><span class="keyword unit">%</span>;
    <span class="support css-property">height</span>: <span class="support css-value">auto</span>;
}<br /><br /><br />Please provide your suggestions. <br /><br />Thanks, <br /><br />Natalie
Natalie Souresrafi asked

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    I found some best practices for Mobile Friendly surveys here:


    There are some points that touch on using images in such surveys – referring the header images and the images select questions. What kind of images are you looking to use?

    Images can typically be added via Add Text/Media from the build, rather than needing to use CSS:


    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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