How to insert merge code from previous question without needing to page break.


I’m working on a survey that requires me to merge a respondent’s answer into a following question. Is this possible to do without requiring the linked questions to be on a separate pages? Right now, when I try to merge the answer data, it does not show up as an answer option unless the questions are on different pages. Thanks. 

Jacob H (Moderator) answered

    Hi Rebecca,

    Jim is right, when using merge codes it is all processed when moving from page to page.

    One way you can make this work is by using JavaScript. It takes a little programming experience, but is possible on same-page when using JavaScript.

    If you can provide more specific detail on what you are looking to happen when you select an answer option, maybe I can provide you with guidance on how to get it done.


    Rebecca Millock commented
      • Thanks Jacob. What I want to have happen is that the answer selected from a basic-radio button question is populated into the question text of the following question (what question do you want to ask). My hope was to avoid the page breaks, in order to improve the flow of the survey.


      Unfortunately this is not possible.

      When your respondents hit the NEXT button to move to the following page, all of their responses from the current page are read and posted to the response database.  It is at this point that the responses become available as merge codes.  Technically, the answer does not exist until the NEXT button is pressed.

      Jim Wetherill answered


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