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We are using SurveyGizmo to build a program evaluation website for a client.  As part of the evaluation, the respondents are asked to cite any relevant state or local legislation that applies to different aspects of their operations.  We are using the custom group question type for these questions.  There are a large number of these questions, and we expect several of them to remain unanswered.

The client would like the word “None” to appear in unanswered questions.  This is because we are using the REVIEW ACTION to provide the respondents with a printable summary of their response and if one question within the custom group is answered, all of the options appear (answered or not).  The obvious solution would be to make the word “None” the default answer.  However, the client feels that asking the respondents to overwrite the default answer is just going to add to an already heavy workload.  I can’t argue with this, so I am looking for ways to insert an answer into unanswered questions.

I am currently trying to build a custom script built around the ‘sgapiIsAnswered’ and ‘sgapiSetValue’ functions, but so far I have had no luck.  Has anyone else ever had to solve this problem?

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    I have answered my own question.  The following is an example of the custom script:

    if (sgapiIsAnswered(7)==”)

    (where 7 is the question ID number)

    If the IsAnswered function returns a null value (”) indicating that the question was not answered, then the SetValue function places a response (the word “None”) in the unanswered question.

    I am going to place a group of these scripts on an administrative page directly after the questions.

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