[Solved] How to initiate survey (on iPad) with external ID?


GOAL: We have patient survey which we want to associate with unique appointment ID (and through that with unique dentist ID). 

DESCRIPTION:After patient pays the bill after treatment at reception, we would initiate survey on iPad. In order to get meaningful reporting for management, we need to associate an unique appointment ID to the survey. Ideally receptionist would push button “Survey” on PC at web application and it would send unique ID to iPad. on iPad that would start a new customer satisfaction survey with known ID.

Manual entry is not an option due to length and complexity (format GUID 1234-1234-1234-1234-1234).

Would this be possible with surveygizmo?

SUMMARY: On PC web application, press button > send ID to iPad that would run surveygizmo > on iPad initiate new customer satisfaction survey with the associated unique ID.

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    It sounds like you may want to look into using URL variables to capture the GUID in your survey:


    The automation part (as far as sending this to your iPad would likely need to be set up on your end on whatever platform you are using).

    The above article should give you some background on sending values to a survey via a url and capturing those values in a survey.

    I hope this is a good starring point for you.

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