Can I initiate an email action ONLY if a payment has been completed?



I have built a payment form into my survey and am wanting to send a specific email action only when the payment has been made and completed successfully.  I can see the merge code for the “Yes, I want to make a purchase” question, but I don’t see anything that’s attached to the payment actually being completed successfully.  

If someone makes a purchase, I want to automatically send an email directing them to the next step in my process.  But the way it seems to be working right now, they get the email if they said “Yes” whether or not they actually completed the purchase.  

Thanks for any thoughts or help!



Jim W (Moderator) answered

    I have no specific knowledge of using external payment services with SurveyGizmo, but based on my experience with PayPal in another environment I would have to guess that this is not possible.   The payment system would have to pass on some kind of information to SurveyGizmo, and it would probably require some extensive integration work to make that happen.

    Does the external payment service generate a transaction confirmation email for the respondent?  If so, would you be able to use that to pass on instructions?

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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