info@, sales@, contact@ are legit business email addresses and should not be blocked


These emails addresses (info@, sales@ and contact@) are legitimate addresses for many businesses (especially small / micro businesses – and in a lot of cases are the only contact): they should not be blocked. The others you have listed I can understand the reasoning behind. Working in the B2B events space we see a lot of people register with these addresses and given this is their ‘new business’ first point of contact they or more likely to check these than their personal ones.  

From comments I have seen others have a similar experience / issue with this policy. This needs to be in the forum for all to see and add comments. This needs to change.

Craig Bain answered
    • Has there been any changes in their policy towards these email addresses since you wrote this post? Cause I’m dealing with the same issue here.


    No change at all

    Craig Bain answered

      I have similar problem with banking clients who have small business clients that use these blocked email address.  We loose a couple of hundred emails from the study.

      seanmcnally380846 answered

        They are legitimate business email addresses, but the business has set them up for their customer’s use for very specific reasons.  Treating them as if they were just another email address ignores this fact.  And from my experience, the person who accesses these inboxes will prioritize and quickly delete any email that are irrelevant.  I understand that this may be the only public email address for some companies, but this company has evidently made a choice to limit their emails.

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