Individual Responses out of order when searching


I was curious if anyone else had issues with the individual response screen on surveys.  If I don’t use the “search ‘#ID’ or response text” feature, everything works as expected.  However, if I search for a response, the resulting search screen no longer uses filters that are in place (e.g. completed only), in addition the order the responses show up seems completely random, and I can’t change sort order by clicking on the columns. 

I’ve contacted support a little while ago, and they just said it was a bug – and would report to developers.  However, I was curious if any other users have had the issue, and if there was anything you did to work around it (and still work from within the individual response screen).

There are of course other ways to look at individual responses (reports, and/or exports).  However, I use Survey Gizmo to allow team members to submit various assessments of locations.  In many cases they will see from their results email, they typed something incorrectly and call me and ask me to fix it.  Using the individual results screen is the quickest way to find a given assessment click on it, and make changes while on the phone.  So I was wondering if anyone had found ways to minimize issues (e.g. showing certain question types on the individual results screen), or if I just have to wait to see if they fix it someday.

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