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When I upload a spreadsheet of customers that I want surveys sent out to I include other customer data so we can do analysis on the results that come back and segment according to this data.

Is it possible to insert this customer data as a ‘hidden answer’ when the customer completes?

The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to use Zapier to automatically pull the data into Google Sheets but I’d like this customer data to come across too without having to actually ask the customer a question we already know the answer to.

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    If you have set up an email campaign and imported the customer data into the invitation standard/custom contact fields, you can include the contact fields on a data export, without having to do anything further. 

    If for reporting purposes you want the data from the contact fields to populate hidden questions – you can set up associated questions and use merge codes to populate the default answers to these questions with the invitation contact fields. (You can set the ‘default answer’ by editing the question and then selecting the relevant merge code on the Layout tab).  You can then hide the questions in a number of ways – by putting them all on a hidden/admin/automatically submitted page within the survey, or by having the individual questions ‘hidden by default’, or setting them as admin questions (which can be done on the Logic tab when editing a question) for example.

    Katie answered
      • You’re a genius Katie! That’s worked perfectly. Thanks very much for all your help 🙂


      I want Zapier to export each customer survey answer as it comes in and from what I can tell it won’t bring across contact fields like the data export.

      I want the data from contact fields to be answers to hidden questions basically. I’ll give you an example.

      I know the name of hotel the customer is staying in as it’s a part of the customer data in the email campaign. So I don’t want to ask the customer that question as I already know the answer.

      Then I want Zapier to get the survey answers along with the name pf the hotel and insert it into a Google Sheet.

      How do I do that? 

      Nick Martin answered
        • I have no knowledge of Zapier – but if you can get it to do what you want with normal survey questions/answers, then I would have thought you should just be able to do what I outlined in the second paragraph below and set up hidden questions, which you then populate with the relevant contact field. You just need to set them up like a normal question, hide the question by your preferred method, and then edit the question, click ‘edit’ next to the question, go to the ‘Layout’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Default Answer’ setting, and select the merge code for the associated contact field. The question should then be automatically answered with that data from that field.

          This is just from my experience though, so there may well be a better solution out there!



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