How do I import one of my surveys into another survey?


I have a long survey (Survey B), and want part of it to be another survey I created (Survey A).  I’d like to embed Survey A in Survey B.  If I just do a link to A, I won’t have the data as part of Survey B, right?  And I’m not sure I can copy and paste Survey A into B either.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    If I understand your intentions correctly, you are trying to merge two surveys.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this.  As you develop a survey you are also building the underlying response database, so copy/paste will not work.

    Your best option might be to put copies of the pages from Survey A into the QUESTION LIBRARY and then add them to Survey B from the library.  You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –

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