[Solved] I’m having trouble getting piping working.


I am trying to add simple piping to an existing survey and it doesn’t seem to be working. It’s called “TAD W3 Survey”. When I build a new survey from scratch and attempt to pipe the same type of data into another question on the next page it works fine. When I do exactly the same thing in the TAD W3 Survey it doesn’t. I get blanks instead of the values entered. A sample of what doesn’t work is shown in the attached figure.

Also, it very unclear what the logic is for identifying the what the question numbers are that should be referenced. It looks like maybe it the question number + 1 but I’m not sure.

John VanMeter asked

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    Hi John, that is a great question!

    The type of piping you describe uses what SurveyGizmo calls a “merge code”. Because question numbers can change, merge codes reference questions by Id number instead. There is a setting to display question Ids in the Builder, and you can learn about this and other ways to find question Ids in this helpful tutorial:


    Something else that you may find useful is the “merge code helper” found in most edit panels. This is a dropdown menu from which you pick the question or element you want to reference, and our software will generate the correct merge code for you! Check out the first section of this tutorial for more details:


    I hope this helps 🙂

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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