[Solved] If I post the URL displayed on the SHARE page on social media, will multiple people be able to use that without a problem? Does it create a unique ID?


Not getting a great response from our email list…hoping to generate some better responses from our FB friends!

Miles Riley asked

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    Hi Miles,

    Because that is a generic link, it would absolutely be accessible by multiple people. The link will generate a unique SGUID once the response generates. Every response is giving this to be referenced in an edit link (it is what allows a person to re-enter a session rather than generating a new response).

    Keep us posted if you have any other questions.


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered



      I’m not at all sure what you just said.  I want to send an email campaign to some employees at my company.  Unfortunately, our firewall will not allow receipt of emails sent through SurveyGizmo.  I’m asking our IT folks to address the issue, but in the meantime, I need to send this survey out. 

      I am new to sending out surveys and want to know if I can send everyone the same general link (shown on the “Share” tab)?  I want the respondents to be able to start, stop, and return to the survey.  Will a unique URL (with sguid) be generated for each respondent if they click on the generic link?  And will this sguid allow respondents to stop and later return to finish their survey?  (I have selected the option that allows respondents to stop & return to finish, available on the “Advanced” tab.)

      Thanks for your help!


      Elizabeth Deputy

      Elizabeth Deputy answered


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