Why does IE11 not load any styles on the webpage?


Unfortunately, older versions of browsers are no longer supported in SurveyGizmo. In the company i work for, due to update policies, it is rather hard to update the version of the browser used, and the corporate one is IE. The latest version we are able to use is IE11, more specifically 11.0.9600.18.861, yet with this version CSS/styles do not seem to load properly, which makes the webside really annoying to navigate through.

Enterprise mode for the browser is not a possibility either 🙁

Is there anyone around with the same issue? Anyone reached a way to solve this?


Dominic Sharpe answered

    Have you reached out to SurveyGizmo support about this? They may have some suggestions about steps you can take and could also troubleshoot with you.

    You can reach SurveyGizmo support via phone/email:


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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