identifying a response by a demographic variable; e.g. organization name.


We use a large survey with ++ text. I want to be able to know the name of the organization that may have submitted a higlighted response, chosen by reviewers..


I get the response ID but can I use a demographic question (organization name) as a respoonse ID to identify a response chosen from others in a text box?

We spend a lot of time capturing excellent text answers from among a large pool of text answers and I would like to be able to show the name of the organization that we chose.

lauriedunnhqontarioca answered

    I’m not sure if I fully understand your process, but it seems like you want to filter your open text results based on your ‘organization name’ demographic question.

    Assuming that is what you are after, this can be done within SurveyGizmo’s reports and exports. The most common report is the Standard Report and it can be filtered based on specific answers to questions:

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

       Thanks Dominic. I think I am spoiled, we use SG a lot for textual analysis and when we create a report in a qualitative analysis software like NVIVO, we can click on the comment of interest and it will take us to the actual citing, including the organization name. 


      Perhaps I was dreaming in technicolor but I hoped in a report we created that if the reader was interested about a comment in the report (from a text field), they could click on the comment and find out the name of the organization. I realize I can use response IDs but they aren’t helpful in terms of identifying an actual name. 


      Or maybe I do not understand the full power of response IDs? 

      Dominic Sharpe commented
        • Gotcha, I feel like I know what you are after now. SurveyGizmo doesn’t have something like this exactly, but perhaps you could look into using a DIY gird? This grid type would allow you to display the company name along with the comment (assuming that the company name is captured in a field on the survey):

          The one potential drawback is that then company name would always appear along with the comment – but that might not be a concern.

          Hope this helps!



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