Get ID of Question and Answer of Response?


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Im using the API to crawl all surveys, questions, and possible answers.

Now Im also crawling the responses. However Im not able to figure out of the response result set which answer option is chosen by the survey participant. I was thinking of doing a textual match. However I think there should be a better solution?


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    The answer will be different depending on the question type and whether you have set reporting values or not.

    Most(all?) single response question types are in the data array as something like:

    [[question(nn)]] => xx

    where nn is the question id and xx is the reporting value. This works for radio buttons, radio button grids, likert scales, text response, dates, etc.

    It gets more interesting when you have something like checkboxes where you might see:

    [[question(12), option(10034)]] =>

    [[question(12), option(10035)]] => xx

    In the example above, option 10034 is not checked and option 10035 is checked. Check out the following page for how to find option ids:

    IS answered


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