[Solved] I want to send the same set of questions to our respondents every six months, how can we do this?


Hi All,

We send surveys to a set list of respondents, we want to send the same survey every six months for next 3 years. How can we do the following things:

  1. Send the survey periodically (set a day of recurrence)
  2. Collection of data, we want the successive responses appended in the response against the names of the users.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated!

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    1] It is technically possible to create email campaigns and define a date in the future in which the survey invitations will be sent.  Personally, I would rather put a post-it pad reminder on my calendar and just copy the first email campaign five months and three weeks later. It’s not that I am techno-phobic – I just prefer to maintain situational awareness, and being hands-on with some functions helps me with that. YMMV

    2] SurveyGizmo is designed to aggregate anonymous responses, so it doesn’t have any tools that would let you sort the responses in this manner.  Depending on how sophisticated your analysis needs are, your best option would be to export the responses and then maintain them in an Excel spreadsheet or a more sophisticated database manager (like MS Access).

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