[Solved] I need to limit users to only answer once, based on a url parameter


I am sending out invitations to a survey, where the link to the survey includes a unique ID per recipient. I want to only allow one answer from each unique ID.

I can’t see if this is possible?

(I am not interested in IP or cookie based restrictions, it needs to be by our own ID)

Torben Rasmussen asked

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    Hi Torben,

    One option to consider here is utilizing the ‘sguid’ url variable. This is a dedicated url variable in SurveyGizmo that has special functionality such as making a response unique/one time use.

    Here is more information on this:



    David – Survey Explorer

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered
      • Thank you. This is exactly what I was asking for. Simple, effective and secure. Good thing I was not in a hurry with 6 days to get the response, but at least I am glad it is possible 🙂


      Thank you – it seems to be a complicated solution to a simple task – unless, you are able to help me more with the actual script.

      I have made the hidden question with the value – question ID=25

      It will be better to not disqualify the answer, but instead just have an action to show a different thank you message if the count from any ID is larger than 1.

      Are you able to help specifically?

      Torben Rasmussen answered
        qc 560 Rep.

        If there isn’t a way to do it via the admin interface, you could resort to using a Custom Script. The sgapiGetQueryResponseCount function will give you the number of completed surveys for the given recipient ID. You can combine that with an IF statement and the sgapiDisqualify function to disqualify the user if there’s one (or more) completed surveys for that recipient ID.

        qc answered


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