[Solved] I need to issue a unique code to each person completing the survey. Any ideas?


I want to pay folks to complete my survey, but I need to be sure that they complete it. Is there a way to issue a unique code upon completion that they would only know if they completed the survey?

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    Yes there is a couple of things I would do.

    1. I would use a unique link for each person who takes your survey by using the sguid functionality in the url that you provide to each person who will take your survey.
    2. Then I would create a unique code that you could insert into a mail that is triggered at the completion of the survey to the respondent (assuming you collected their email address during the survey or by using the email address for the respondent as the value you insert into the sguid discussed above. This unique code would be a combination of any static values you want to use but then appended with the survey counter merge code.  I would use the “safer” counter values which is discussed in the documentation referenced below.

    Check out the help text for the merge tags and search the page for sguid and for survey counter.


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