[Solved] I have created a new record in Salesforce using a Push from Survey Gizmo, can I access the ID of this record, to then create subsequent child records?


I am looking to create one parent record, and then three child records based on completed survey data.


I have created the parent record no problem, but I can’t find anyway to bring the ID of the new record back into SurveyGizmo, to then create other records?

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    Hi andrewbroadbent,

    This is possible and similar to what you have been doing with Salesforce actions already.  You have been “Adding new records” in your Salesforce Action and now you need to add “Populate the survey from salesforce” to the mix.  

    In your survey, you need to assign each response a “unique ID” in a hidden value field within your survey and push that value to a field in your Parent Salesforce record (what you have been doing already with Salesforce Action – Adding).

    Then using the Salesforce Action – Populate, populate your survey by querying salesforce for this “unique ID” and pull in information to a hidden value field.  You will want that parent record’s salesforce ID.

    Now use the Salesforce Action – Adding to create the three child records. You have the parent record’s salesforce ID and can use that to relate to the parent when you create the new records. 

    Here is the populate how to video: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/video-salesforce-populate-survey-and-update-record

    I hope this makes sense.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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      Thanks. I did actually try that but couldn’t query anything from salesforce except the record ID.


      However I got round it using a hidden field on salesforce, on the original record I was pulling data from. This field now displays the ID of the latest child record added to it, using a workflow rule, so I can then pull that data back into survey gizmo.

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