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Hi, I am unsure what partial refers to. I just filled out the main survey (the one with about 2000 responses) and I did this because we have had several complaints that the survey is not working, is timing out, etc. When I looked at my data even though I went all the way through the survey, and submitted it, my survey was marked partial. Would you take a look and figure out if we have a problem AND would you let me know the specific meaning of partial? Thanks so much. Your customer service has been excellent. 

Martha Brooke asked

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    A partial response means that the respondent did not reach the Thank You page when completing the survey. See the SG Help page about Response Status for more.

    I have noticed that sometimes, even when I test a survey and reach the end, the Individual Responses page (under Results tab) will say my response is Partial, but it usually updates to Complete relatively soon. There is just a small delay.

    On the Individual Responses page, if you click into one of the responses and go to the Details tab you can see their Page Path. This can help to identify potential issues with how your survey is set up.

    – Amanda

    Amanda Pelliccione answered


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