[Solved] I don’t think that my thank you emails are being sent after people fill in the survey


I have set up an email campaign for a survey where initially an email is sent out with the survey link on. I have then set up a thank email and scheduled it to go as soon as someone has completed the survey. However, I don’t think that this thank you email is being sent as when I look on the email campaign it says ‘not sent’ under the thank you email. How can I check to see that the thank you email is being sent every time someone completes the survey?

Naomi Green298784 asked

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    I’m pretty sure it should say ‘not sent’ if you haven’t scheduled it to send at a specific time.  Like this right:


    I’d ask SG by chat if its not.  They might have to look at your survey itself.

    Matthew Albie answered


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