[Solved] I am testing a suurvey and testers are getting this message when clicking in the link “This survey is not accepting additional responses at this time. Thank You!”


What needs to be done to correct?

Pablo Berckholtz asked

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    Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for posting. This sounds like the message a respondent would see if the survey links are closed. Could you go to the Share tab and then click on Customize This Link. From there, you’ll want to ensure that the link status is set to “open”. After that, you’ll want to go to the Advanced tab and check on the link open and closed dates to make sure the link is open as of today’s date.

    If you are using an email campaign to distribute the link, you’ll want to enter that campaign and in the upper-right corner, you’ll see the Advanced Settings. In there, you will also find the link status and link open/closed dates. I would double-check those as well.

    If you’re still having troubles after that, please contact our support team with the name of the survey and the message you’re seeing and we’ll be happy to jump in and take a look.



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