How do I hyperlink back to another page in the survey?



I tried hyperlinking text to go back to a specific page and it keeps redirecting me to the first page.  I copied the survey link and added ?_sgtarget=1. I want it to go back to page ID #16.  Can anyone help ?

Thank you

kathrynnphillippe answered

     Thank you , do you also know how to add a “submit” button 

    kathrynnphillippe answered

      If you want the survey to go to page ID 16, then the URL variable will need to be ?_sgtarget=16, rather than ?_sgtarget=1.

      This article may be helpful:

      It might be helpful to to know what your overall goal is in doing this i.e. do you want the respondent to start a new survey response on page ID 16, or do you want them to continue the same survey response.

      If you want them to continue their same response but on a different page, you will likely need to use the edit link feature in some capacity:

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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