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Hi –


Building this survey:


Avenue Five – Beauty News Signup




On the second page I have a “Go to homepage” button. I have tried updating the URL several times. It appears right, but reverts to a previous link (from the survey I used to create this one, using the “copy” method).


Have cleared my cache and used other browsers with the same results (logged in, logged out, etc.). Let me know if you can fix this.





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    Hi Tom, this post hasn’t had any replies for a while.  I pulled up your account and took a look at the survey you’re referring to and tested the hyperlink, and from what I can see, it’s working as it should work now.  I’m hoping this means the issue is already resolved.  I’m closing this post now.  If you still need help with this particular issue, please feel free to contact support directly about it (since, with this particular issue, we would be better able to help you that way).

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      Hey Tom! Do you still need a hand with this?

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        Hey Tom- I’m not able to view your survey but my guess would be that you’ll need to edit that question or text element and then right click on the hyperlink and click edit link. I hope that helps!

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