Huge Merge Code issues


I am trying to add merge codes in a big way. 

Context:  I have a 5 questions (custom grouped) to appear for each district selected on a previous page (106 total districts available).  For each custom group, I have added a merge code to pre-populate values based on the “template” answers on the first page.  Basically I have an identical grouped question on the first page for them to fill to save time on the next session. 

All is working well, but the values for my textbox list are not coming through.  I have verified that my method works on a separate survey, but for my fully scaled survey only the script within the value appears.  I am almost 100% certain that on the same survey, when only pushed to a single custom group (before I rolled it to the 105 others), the textbox list worked appropriately.

My question is to verify that this is indeed a scale issue, and secondly to ask for any alternative ideas to accomplish what I’m seeking?  I need to fill 7 text box cells in a text box list 106 times on a subsequent page based on values entered.  Thanks!!!

MatthewBoddie answered

    It’s a bit tough to know what exactly is causing the problem without seeing your survey – I can point you to SurveyGizmo’s documentation about merge codes which is a good introduction into proper use of merge codes:

    If you are using the merge codes properly and not getting things to work still, it will be best to reach out to SurveyGizmo Support as the agent will be able to access and troubleshoot your survey to see what exactly the issue is:

    Hope this points you in the right direction!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      I was able to get in and talk to SG staff.  They verified my merge code was correct and should work–the problem was that with the page took too long to load each of the possible question groups which broke the merge codes functionality.  In the end it was suggested to me that in my case only 1-2 custom groups of 5 questions (two textboxes, two checkboxes, and a textbox list) could be put on a single page for the merge codes to be able to work. 


      Quite frustrating, but will find another way to get this complete.

      MatthewBoddie answered


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