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So I am having an issue trying to enter HTML…

I am trying to navigate within a survey by linking to pages.

I have turned the HTML editor off. I have tried both auto correct HTML on and off.

the code I am using is

“<a href=’[survey(“session id”)]&__sgtarget=6′>Bear Proof Receptacle</a> <br/>”

With auto correct HTML turned on, after saving the question it turns into “<a>Bear Proof Receptacle</a> <br />” and of course it does not link to anything.

With auto correct turned off, it  does create a link, but it is broken. When I copy the link from the live survey it is “[survey(%E2%80%9Csession%20id%E2%80%9D)]&__sgtarget=6”

What am I doing wrong???

Bill ><>

William Blythe asked

     According to the page below you can link to other pages, maybe SG has changed something in the last three months. or maybe I need a higher plan…



    William Blythe answered
      • I did not know that this was possible, but I am still not sure that I would use this method. I am an old-fashioned database manager, and playing around with the session id like that scares me – I would lose some confidence in my data integrity.
        Having said that – every time a respondent opens the survey a new session id is created specifically for that data entry session. Is your URL using the correct merge code for the session id?


      Someone with deeper technical understanding of SurveyGizmo might be able to explain this better, but it is not possible to navigate within a survey using the method you are trying.

      A survey is basically a online form that is used to submit data to a database.  It does not have actual, physical pages in the HTML sense. Each ‘page’ represents a temporary break in the database session during which recently entered responses are posted to the database and new input forms are generated.

      There is an example of a JavaScript in the documentation that uses the pageID field to navigate within a survey (  Depending on your account level and JavaScript expertise you might be able to use this method. I have no experience in using this script, so I am afraid that I cannot offer you any further guidance on its use. 

      I think that your best option is to use basic page logic and/or skip patterns – keep things as simple as you possibly can.

      Jim Wetherill answered


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