How to use ‘eye tracking’ in an online survey


Hi SG team.


We recently saw that in the higher level products that you offer, there’s the ability to include ‘heat maps’ and ‘eye tracking’ – can you please advise us how we’d go about including this and also if it is a custom script, whether we could get assistance and guidance with this.


If you could please get back to use urgently as we are on a very very tight deadline.


Thanks very much!

Imogen Brand-Rakers asked

    Hi there,

    Sorry we missed this, we check the forums to look for unanswered questions every couple of days. The option you’re being described on the Features page is our Custom Question Builder and those are examples of what customers have built using it but they require having development resources on your end.

    We have this documentation to get you started with it:

    I fear we missed your tight deadline and I’m sorry about that, but hopefully this helps provide some clarity.

    Be excellent to each other,
    Justin Crowe
    Survey Time Lord – Customer Support Hero

    J.Crowe - SurveyGizmo answered


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