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We used to have 52 contacts in our data basis, but when we tried to update one of the accounts, in order to send the cancelation survey,  this is what happened:

First we tried to sent the survey to one specific contact but it didn’t allow us go through so we select add contact only choosing the one that we need, when we tried to sent the campaing an screen appers saying that we have pending 594 plus our 52 contacts.


We need to send the survey just to our existing list. How can we do that?


Find the screen shoot attached to this email, probably when you see them, you’ll have a better picture of my concern.


Waiting for your prompt response.


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Sonia Maynez asked

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    Hi Sonia! Thanks for using Community. I’d be happy to help answer this question. It seems that you have sent the initial invitation in your email campaign to 52 contacts, and now have an additional 594 contacts that have been added to the campaign and are “pending” (waiting for you to send them the initial invitation message).

    Resend a message to one contact

    You mentioned sending the message to one specific contact – this is possible from the Contacts section of your email campaign, I am happy to say. Search for the contact you’d like to resend to, and then click on their email. The Contact History tab will allow you to resend a message:


    Send a message to all of the original contacts

    You can also send a message to all 52 original contacts by creating a reminder message. This message would only go out to contacts whom you have already emailed once – so the 594 pending contacts for your initial invitation would not receive this reminder message. You would have to first send them the initial message, and then you could send them the reminder too if you wanted.


    Undoing your update to remove the extra contacts

    There is not an “undo” option for contacts that have been uploaded to an email campaign, I’m sorry to say. Removing contacts can be done by going to the Contacts section of your email campaign, and checking the checkboxes along the left side of the page. Then, click the green “Select a Bulk Action” button at the bottom of the page, and click “Delete Selected”.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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