[Solved] How to take user take details before starting the survey?


Hi Team,

I want to ask users few question before they start survey like his/ her name, company size, location etc. How can I do this? Any solution….

sgutta asked

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    This would probably be a good use for the Contact Form question type – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/contact-form  You can easily delete or modify the sub-questions to suit your needs – just make sure that the validation for the sub-questions is appropriate to what you are asking.

    Jim Wetherill answered
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      The easiest solution would be to place these questions on the first page of your survey, with introductory text to the effect of “Before we begin, please tell us a little about yourself…”. The survey questions would then start on page 2.

      If there’s a reason you need to completely separate the user profile questions from the survey, then another option is to send the user first to a “user profile survey” and upon completion of that survey, redirect them to the actual survey.

      qc answered


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