[Solved] How to stop numbering questions that repeated from piped answers


I do not want to necessarily hide the question numbering, but if a person chooses 4 custom check boxes with required answers on question 2, and question 3 says for each answer you gave in Q2, please tell us XXX…I have a setting to repeat the question for each answer chosen.  It automatically numbers 3. 4. 5. 6. (when its really all just Q3) and 7 begins the next question (ie, for each answer in Q2, tell us xxxx, it numbers 7. 8. 9. 10.)

Is there a way to make it just “list” the answers without choosing pipe into? Pipe into isn’t an option for the particular question type I am asking as follow ups.

Make sense?

**SIDE NOTE** I am not a survey builder, designer, developer, etc.  Just an end user being asked to help create surveys.  if code is the only answer, please tell me if its simple or if I will just have to settle for 60 numbered questions on some surveys and maybe only 30 on others?

Michelle Clemens asked

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    Hi Michelle,

    Based on the complexity of what you are looking to do, I am going to create a ticket with you so we can have this resolved:)

    In this process, I am thinking using logic and merge codes will be our best option here:) But I will know more once we carry this into our ticket:)


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    seanalee flaherty answered

      Hey Michelle, I could be completely off track here but you might just need to turn of dynamic question numbering in your survey settings. If that isn’t the case, do you have any more details that could help me/or other users understand?

      Lizzy Tekkel answered

        Based on the example in the help, I didn’t think this was the correct answer.  I still want to have the question numbered, but if there were multiple answers, I didn’t want each piped answer that a question was repeated on to be numbered individually.

        Example of my survey:

        1.  Have you ever broken a bone? (if yes, Q2 displays)
        2. Which bones have you broken (check box list offered with “other – write in required” answers)
        3. How many times did you visit a doctor for this broken bone? (this question repeats for each answer provided in Q2)  If the respondent broke 3 bones, the next question becomes Q4, Q5 and Q6. Then the survey resumes the next actual question with Q7.  If another respondent only broke 1 bone, the question is simply Q4, then the survey resumes with Q5.

        In some questions, I was able to pipe the answers into a table layout, but this didn’t work for every question I asked (some of those answers were then piped into other questions).  Q2 answers are the main key to all other questions in my survey.

        The answer probably lies in how I set it up, but since I couldn’t figure out how to get those answers piped and repeated so they could answer questions on each of their answers, I did the best I could?


        Is that helpful?

        Michelle Clemens answered


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