[Solved] How to show respondents results in percent per question when all options are correct


I want to set up a quiz/survey where respondents mark how many skills they have in different categories. Each question/category has 5-10 checkboxes that each represent skills that the respondent can practice and learn.

I want the respondent to mark all the skills they have and then get a result in % at the end how many skills they marked for each question/category.


I would also like to add a pie chart showing the overall distribution of the respondents skills. Example: If there are 2 questions/categories and respondent indicated that they have 1 of the skills in the first question/category and 1 of the skills in the second I would like the pie chart to show 50/50. If the respondent marks that they have 3 of the skills in question 1 and 1 of the skills in question 2 i want the pie chart to show 75/25%. I want to show this as a way to display to the respondent how their strengths/skills are distributed rather than showing that they do not have sufficient skills. The next step would be to encourage them to grow their skills to get an evenly distributed pie chart.


Is this possible?


Thank you

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    Not sure if this is entirely possible…

    The Quiz Score action allows for two different quiz types:

    Pass/Fail – where you need to select a ‘correct’ answer – the question is either answered correctly or incorrectly with the end result being a percentage score of all combined questions.

    The Tally option allows you to apply values to each answer option – each skill in your case. The values are added up across all questions to display a numerical score at the end. With the Tally option, you can create score ranges and display different messages based on the accrued score. I think this is the better option for your scenario as it’s a bit more flexible.

    Here is more info on both:


    The second part of your request, I’m not so sure about. Pie charts cannot be displayed to a survey respondent based on their specific selections in a Quiz. SurveyGizmo offers a Results Chart Action that allows you to display results to a single question to your survey respondents (but the results are aggregated across all survey respondents):


    Hope this helps

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