[Solved] How to set up Logic to move on to the next page only when 2 or more answers are checked “yes” on the previous page?


Hello, how can I set up the Logic in order to only move on to the next page when two or more “yes” answers have been checked on the previous page?

I have another question following the first one. How do I set up two different Logics. One that leads to the next page to complete the survey, and another one just thanking the participant since they did not qualify to go on in the survey (if they only endorsed one or less than one “yes” answers)?

Also, is there a way to have the participants submit their email and contact information that would be separate from the survey (anonymous) and an email would be send to me with the contact information once they completed the survey?

Thank you.

jslezakova asked

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    Hey there!


    These are some great questions. I just learned this checkbox/logic option and thought it was pretty cool. This tutorial walks you through the process. Testing is def in order, just to make sure your logic rules are on point. Logic based on checked options


    And then more logic! Using skip logic allows you to disqualify respondents and send them to your thank page: Skip logic

    And last but not least, is notifications. Email actions are a surveyors best friend! Check out this tutorial as well. It also walks you through setting this up: Send email actions


    Hope these help with building out your survey!

    Good luck!


    Anita Kaufen answered


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