[Solved] How to set the schedule on Reminder emails via REST API?


Is it possible to set up the schedule for a reminder message via the api? This doesn’t appear to be. If not, is this planned for the API?

Zak Watts asked

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    I don’t think you can set a scheduled send time for a message via the API, but you can trigger a message to send via the API by querying the emailmessage sub-object using the POST method and passing the param send=true. Here is an example call…


    It would give you a return like this…


         0: “Sending…”,

         result_ok: true


    For your reference in finding survey ID, link ID and message ID – here is screenshot.

    joshwa answered

      Hey Zak-

      I don’t think you can schedule or send even regular messages through the API. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?



      Molly Hooper answered


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