[Solved] How to set proper page timer action?



I am writing to ask how should I set page timer action. I have tried to do it in TEST_Maciej survey, but the survey taker is thown away from the survey when the time ends. What I can see is:

An Error?!Don’t worry, we got the whole crew looking into this.

I am waiting for Your response.

Maciej Roniat asked

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    Hi there! Not sure if you are experiencing issues still, but I found the page timer doc to be helpful when setting this up: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/page-timer  One thing you want to make note on is that the Page Timer does not serve as a URL redirect, so if the page times out it will take a respondent to the end of the survey. But if you are still getting an error I would recommend getting in touch with support. You can email them via the Ask Question button.


    Good luck!


    Anita Kaufen answered


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