[Solved] How to send an email reminder to finish a survey


How can the survey send an email reminder to someone who hasn’t finished the survey? 

I see a scheme for doing so with email campaigns but I’m not doing those. Any suggestions?

Kurt Glaser asked

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    Hi Kurt!
    Great question!
    Because you are not using an email campaign, I would suggest to pull an export for all of the Partial responses your survey has, then use that information to follow up with them through whatever email client you sent your survey out it;)

    Sorry there isn’t a more of an automatic way for going about this without using our email campaign feature!
    Let me know if you have any other questions!


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    seanalee flaherty answered

      Thanks but still looking for something a little less labor intensive. You gave me an idea: What about using Reports like this?

      What if … the survey contained ‘time’ variables (like a date stamp) at two points within the survey. One near the very beginning, and another near the Thank You page. Can a report be run which compares those two variables? And Say, if they are greater than 1 day apart and the survey is not complete, then that survey is captured in the report? I could have the report sent to me weekly???

      Can a report compare those 2 date stamps? 


      Kurt Glaser answered
        • Hi Kurt! I’m sorry for the lack of response to your follow up question.
          I am not understanding what you are trying to accomplish with the two time-stamps in your survey, as a partial response is a partial response.
          You can set up a report to automatically send you a new export each week, with all of the partial responses if you like, or you could filter it to only show you the partial responses from the past week. This tutorial has more information about the Scheduled Reports feature:
          I hope this helps!



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