[Solved] How to select only required fields from Survey response API call


Is there a way to select only required fields from API response. I only saw option to use Filter options as below but I get all the fields.



Say from below sample output, I would like to pick only columns 447 and 448, how would I set the filters?

 “[question(447), option(0)]”: “110572220”,
      “[question(448), option(0)]”: “201505”,
      “[question(449), option(0)]”: “1”,

Jayram Nagaraja asked

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    Hey Jayram!

    Controlling which fields are returned from an API call is not possible with SurveyGizmo’s API. When you request a surveyresponse object for example, you always receive all of the fields. You may simply ignore (or discard) any fields you do not need.

    While we do have “filtering” available, the function of this is to filter which objects you receive. For example, if GETting a list of survey objects, you could filter the list so that you only receive surveys created in the past week:


    I hope this information helps.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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