How to Score hidden questions as correct in a Quiz action



I have a 10 question quiz, with logic based on a location selection from the first page.  For example if a user selects location “A”, 5 questions are hidden, but if location “B” is selected, all 10 questions are shown.

Every question in the quiz is a multi-choice of “Yes”/”No”/”Not Applicable”.

When I run the quiz score action at the end, users from Location A are scored out of 5, but, despite them only seeing 5 questions, I need the score to be out of 10 (the total number of questions), and the answers to the 5 hidden questions to be set to “Not Applicable” (and scored correctly).  Therefore if the user selects location “A” and answers all 5 questions shown to them, they will result in a 10/10 score.

I have tried un-ticking the box that says “Score only questions that have been displayed to the respondent” but this had no affect.

Thanks in advance of any help,


Jacob H (Moderator) answered

    Hi Sam,

    This is interesting, I believe if you are wanting to score all 10 questions, with only displaying 5 questions to them you could attempt using custom scripting.

    My thought process would be:

    IF user selects Location A

    Then Set Question 6 – 10 to Answer Option N/A and Hide questions 1 – 5

    IF ELSE user selects Location B

    Then Set Question 1 – 5 to Answer Option N/A and Hide Questions 6 – 10

    The only part I am uncertain about is if using custom scripting sgapiHideQuestion would disqualify it is technically “hidden”. To get around that you might be able to untick “Score only questions that have …”

    Are you familiar with using Custom Scripting?

    If not, in order to prepare this you would need to use a Custom Scripting Action (php based) along with a few Functions:



    When I am stuck in situations like this, I try to think outside the box and I must throw out a heads up that when I do these, it can require some time to test and ensure everything is working properly.

    Let me know how it all goes for you.

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered


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