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how can I set the survey, so that responces are saved after each page. And not after whole survey is completed. 

I am interested in the partial results as well. 




alespolacek asked

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    Hi Ales,

    Partial responses will always be captured in SurveyGizmo, regardless of how far through the survey your respondent is. The only exception is page 1 – respondents will only be captured as a partial if after they hit the “next” button on page 1 and advance to page 2. After that, their responses will be captured and saved in the app every time they hit the “next” button.

    If you’d like responses to be marked as COMPLETE regardless of what page they stopped responding on, you can designate a special response status on each page by following the instructions at the link below:


    Hope this helps!


    Survey Cartographer answered


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