[Solved] How to save calculate modify value as survey response in Survey Gizmo?


Hi there,

I have three response’s and after calculate two of them. I want to save (permanently) calculated value in third response as value in javascript.

So end result will be show like, when I run the report the third response value will be show calculated value instead of responded value by responder.   

Any idea?




Syed R Shah316902 asked

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    Hi Syed,

    I think a Custom Script action might be helpful. I’ve used one to calculate on an invoice form, so the respondent would indicate how many hours they’ve worked and their rate, then the script would calculate the total for which they are billing.

    sgapiGetValue and sgapiSetValue were the functions I was able to use.

    – Amanda

    Amanda Pelliccione answered

      Hi Lola,

      Thanks for your reply. Its not helpful in my specific case. But thanks for your help.


      Syed R Shah316902 answered
        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        Not sure if this helps, but you may consider adding a Hidden Value (hidden text field) to your survey page. You could then populate the Hidden Value with the result of your script.

        Here is more info on Hidden Values:


        Lola Gill answered


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