How to reverse modifications to a survey (revert to a prior state?)


Some changes were made to a survey of ours today and has since led to some issues further down the path during execution. 


Is there any way to restore a survey to a prior state, for instance as of yesterday or time interval beyond today? 


On that note as well, what is the best practice for making changes when you might want to be able to roll back a change? It seems impractical to keep making copies of surveys just to have reserve copies? 

Li Yap asked

    I have never seen any function that would allow you to “step back” through edits.

    We keep copies of survey iterations by using the TOOLS > DOWNLOAD SURVEY to create copies of the survey in MS Word format.  These copies include notes on piping, validation, logic, and other survey settings.  We can also add our own notes or remarks  If we ever need to restore a survey back to a previous state, we can copy/paste the necessary question and options from the Word document. 

    Sorry that I don’t have a happier answer for you.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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