How to report average values of numeric textbox responses?


Dear SurveyGizmo

I’ve generated a report for my PILOT_APHWG Educational Needs Survey but am having trouble customising the report. Questions 2 and 8 have been built as textbox questions limited to only numeric responses. In the current report I have generated, the results are displayed as number of counts. Without going into individual responses and calculating manually, is there a way to display the averages of the numeric input by the respondents? Eg if there are 3 responses of 15,15 and 40, I would like to overall response to show an average of 35. The current report shows 100% (3 out of 3 respondents responded). 

Thank you

sharpenersreport answered
    Katie 178 Rep.

    If you’ve created a Summary Report you should be able to:

    – click on ‘Customize report’

    – then select the Stats tab

    – then tick ‘Show Statistics Table’ and ‘Show Average’ 

    Then save & refresh and you should get the average showing on the report.

    Katie answered

      Same issue, collected numbers for prices. Need to show the Stats Avg. etc, but nothing works so far when I select Stats in the Customize feature. Paid monthly fee here for 3 months and now can’t get the time saving features. I emailed the help desk 2 times, and the resources are not working for the Type: Number no matter how displaying the data (chart, appendix, legacy). Hope to find an answer soon!


      sharpenersreport answered

        Hi Katie

        Thanks for getting back to me. Actually, I’ve already selected the ‘Statistics Table’ and ‘Show Average’ options. In any case, I’ve double checked and refreshed, but the Stats table doesn’t even show up at all. The table that I can see still shows the number and percentage of responses – not the numbers entered by the respondents. 

        I wondered if you could take a look at the report for me and see what else I can do? Alternatively, I could look at the individual responses and calculate the stats manually, but we plan to do another round of the survey involving hundreds of responses, so a manual calculation would be quite painful! I would be grateful for any suggestions and advice you can offer.


        jacquelinengmudskipperbiz answered
          • What format are you displaying the data in for that question? Try changing that question’s settings to show as a bar graph or pie chart, I think the stats table would then show? (You can then hide the summary tables and charts in the report settings, if you just want the stats table/averages to show – I think you can only do that for the entire report though – not individual questions.)

            I’m just another user – also been experimenting with summary report settings recently so thought I’d chip in. Might be worth emailing support if you need someone to take a look at your survey though!

          • Sorry for asking you to take a look for me! I thought you were a SurveyGizmo admin! I’ve just tried your suggestion and it still doesn’t work. I’ll write to support to see if they can help. Thanks so much again for your suggestions and good luck with your report!

          • No worries! The above seems to work in my survey/report – the only thing I can think of that might make a difference is that my question type is set up as ‘Number’ (rather than textbox) and answer format as ‘Number’, so that might be worth a try. If that doesn’t work then I give up! 🙂



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