[Solved] How to remove from “br/” from Essay Question?


So I am using CustomScripting to pass in merge codes into a text box. The merge codes are all hosted in the Title of a question, then I’m taking that title, and setting it as the default value of an “Essay” Question…


The use case is that I am trying to create a record in Salesforce, and I want to be able to capture all the data and have each answer on one line, and fill that all into one big text box in Salesforce. The only way this was achieved was by emailing the completed survey to our Email-to-Case address, but I want to duplicate that and just map over the data into one big text box field.


Does anyone have any idea how to remove the <br/> syntax?


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    Hi Richard,

    A hidden value field allows you to capture data in your survey that your survey respondents are not able to see, but can be used for gathering data, storing browser information, and even pre-populating questions later in the survey.

    Details on how to do use this: 

    First, set up the hidden value, from within your survey:

    1. Click “Add New: Action” and pick “Hidden Value”.  
    2. Name your hidden value and click “Save Action and Edit”.  
    3. Fill out the “Populate with the following”.  Notice that you can use merge codes here, there is a “Insert Merge Code” Link.  
    4. Click Save  

    Second, set up your salesforce action, from within your survey:

    1. Click “Add New: Action” and pick “Salesforce”.
    2. Name your hidden value and click “Save Action and Edit”.  
    3. You will select your “SalesForce.com Object Type” and “Adding new records”
    4. You will see that you can map your hidden value field to a salesforce field. Screen shot example: 


    Additional Resources that may help you:

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      Hi Richard,

      I may have an alternative suggestion, use a hidden value field instead of an Essay question to push to Salesforce.  I have pushed text to SF with line breaks this way and not had the <br/> syntax show up.   

      Additionally if you want to display that hidden text to the respondent.  You can use a merge code within Type: Text/Instructions.


      I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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        • Mary,

          What is a hidden value field? Is it a text/media that you put in, and then in logic you would set it to hidden?

          When I added one of those, I was not able to choose that text/media to push into a field in Salesforce. I’m trying to push in this field on a record create, and the only things available are questions to map over to fields.

          Could you please go into more detail in how you did it?



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