[Solved] How to reduce the size of the columns containing the dropdown menu items?


How to reduce the size of the columns containing the dropdown menu items in a dropdown menu grid? I have four of these columns and they don’t all show full size in the display, the respondent would need to scroll to the side to see them all. I feel like they are unnecessarily wide. I tried several times with the “overall question width” and the ”all other column widths” to no avail. Is this possible? Thank you.

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    Hi Marisela,
    Thanks for reaching out with this question, the dropdown menus are going to automatically be as wide as the answer options they contain so limiting their size can be a bit tricky. What we suggest in these kinds of situations would be to take a look at the options you have on the Style tab.

    If you go to Style > Layout > Widths/Sizing, you can control the overall Page Width and if you put that up to 100%, that will give you the largest possible platform to view the survey page.

    That usually works for most cases unless there are extremely long answer options. Beyond that, then you’re running into a situation where some custom CSS might be in order or perhaps taking a look at the best way to present the question you’re asking.

    If you want to follow up with specific questions about a project you have, please reach out to us we’ll be happy to assist.


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