[Solved] How to put a screener in a survey and limit submissions for the right participants ?




I’m trying to build a survey with your service to test if I can implement it on my website.


I have a big question :

  • How can I make a screener to filter the participant of the survey ?

It’s not about the Data Cleaning Tool, which only filter results after it were submitted.

I mean, before they begin the real survey, I need to select participants based on different criterias (sex, age, internet level and equipments), if they have the right profile, they can access the full survey questions and then be paid for their responses. But I can’t pay participants that doesn’t fit my criterias ! Plus, I need only 10 (with the good profile) participants for each survey.

How can I do that ?


Thanks for the help,


marie0638 asked

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    Use the Skip/Disqualify Logic functionality at the end of your screener questions (or set them up one per page with a skip/disqualify logic on each one).  This will change the status of those responses to Disqualify and not impact your results.

    Jon Erickson answered


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