How to pull a single answer from results of a checkbox question


For a later question, I need to include the text of an earlier checkbox answer. I know to use a merge code to get the results, which will of course be a list, but I want to follow up with a random item from their checkbox answers. So several related questions:

  • How do I do grab a random item from previous checkbox answers? (I think it would use sgapiExplode…)
  • How do I set the text of the later question (the question itself, not the options) to include this random item? I don’t see a custom script function that allows changing the question text, just the values or options.
  • Will the text of that particular question come through in the reporting, so I can see which item the respondents are addressing?
  • Is there a custom script that will allow me to choose an items from a previous checkbox answer only if it’s one of several targeted items I’m interested in?

What I have so far is this as my later question text:    Describe the hardest part of [question(“value”), id=”20″,case=”lower”]?

Question 20 is a checkbox question, and if they check more than one, the merge code will be replaced with something like “blue,green” in the question text.


Community Admin answered

    @research : You can change the question text using sgapiSetTitle:

    Though you are correct that, this would not be accounted for in reporting.

    Given what you are describing above I wonder if the built-in question repeating feature would work for you? Using this feature you can repeat later questions for each selected answer in a previous questions. You can also exclude certain options from being piped. Piping would also give you the reporting you need; that is, there would be an instance of the question per option.

    Here is a tutorial with more info:

    I hope this helps!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin commented
      • Brian, I did see the repeating feature. The problem is that we only want to follow up on two of the selected items—could be as many as 15, which is way too onerous to ask. The exclusion is nice, but it doesn’t help because I don’t know *in advance* which items they’re going to select.

      • @research: I see. In that case I would recommend showing and hiding discrete questions to ensure understandable reporting.

        Bri Hillmer
        Documentation Coordinator
        SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team



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